Menopause & Hormone Health Clinic

Menopause & Hormone Health Clinic

Hormone balance throughout a woman’s life is essential for her health, confidence and well-being

At various stages and ages, these hormones can become unbalanced and can cause distressing symptoms of mood swings, anxiety and loss of confidence plus the more commonly recognised symptoms of hot flushes, fatigue and weight gain.

In the Menopause and Hormone Health clinic a full assessment is made including general health, hormone levels and appropriate investigations such as mammography, pelvic ultrasound and bone density scans.

Treatment of the Menopause & Peri-Menopause

A completely holistic approach is taken with patients entering the menopause transition which include:

  • Nutritional advice and supplementation.
  • Advice on lifestyle and exercise.
  • Use of phyto-oestrogens.
  • Treatment with conventional hormone preparations.
  • Treatment with Bio-identical hormones as creams and lozenges.
  • Psychological support.


  • Initial appointment-45 minutes
  • Follow-up appointment-30 minutes
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